Friday, 21 November 2008

improving my walk...

I hopefully managed to improve both my 2D and 3D walks today. I eventually managed to make a 3D walk that I was really pleased with and looked natural and easy..however then managed to crash the programme when trying to playblast and save it :(..but this forced me to make it again and again which gives me more practice in the long term. My final 3D one definately looks more natural then my previous attempt and certainly less awkward. I also played around with the timing which hopefully gave the walk a more realistic rhythm, and changed the way the arms swing, having them relax as they pass the body which I hadn't really thought about before. I've definately seen improvements in each walk I create, which just goes to show that the more you do it, the more natural and easy things become. Obviously it's not perfect and I still want to change parts until I get it right as well as play around with different types of walks - creeping, stomping, tiptoeing around..

I think I've also managed to sort out some of the little kinks in my 2D walk. The leg movements are slightly smoother and the 2nd position (the lowest down position)is now better and right for the cycle. The arms aren't so jerky and work better with the leg movements. There are stil a few things that don't look right, such as the bob up and down. It's not as smooth as it could be and I need to be careful about size changes, particularly with the legs as theres quite a difference between the first drawing and last from where they have been bent and moved. However because it is a walk cycle I dont think it is too noticable in the repeat.

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Royzy said...

It's a great 3D walk. It looks like she is trying to walk through snow.