Monday, 17 November 2008


Back from Bradford and ready to get back into the studio after being inspired by so many different and original animation styles/techniques and stories!
There was so much there..I'm glad for a day without watching a film of some kind..strange how tiring it is! Saying that though it was definately worth it, and some very memorable stuff!
It was great to see people like Al Jean, John Coates, Paul Wells, Joanna person and hear what they had to say about their own work, as well as doing workshops like the character design one, though I was bit disappointed that the storyboarding one was cancelled :(. However it gave us the chance to see even more of the films.
'Waltz with Bashir' was great..really made you think and one of those films when it ends you dont know whether to clap or cry!..especially with the shock of the real life images right at the end! I also loved 'Varmints'..such lovely animation with a message that really relates to the state of the world at the moment..again very emotional!so glad it won the award!
There were also some other more light-hearted animations I thought were great such as Skhizein, Post!, Operator and Cat-man-do, and loads of different types such as Bary Perves' work in stop-motion animation - the models and sets are so incredibly detailed and realistic... I just think its so beautifully created. (However i wasn't as keen on the actual story or opratic style)
Also loved seeing some of John Coates produced films on the big screen, The Snowman in particular :) one of my favourites!

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