Tuesday, 4 November 2008

films and odd bits...

I loved the fact this week that I actually had a excuse to sit around and watch the Incredibles :)..analysing it really made a difference to the way I saw it though, and after reading some reviews you start to view it in a completely different way! It didnt necessarily change my opinion of it, but it does make you pick up on the more subtle areas that you never would have considered. I think this is useful for most films, particularly animation and is important when creating work.

I found looking at the different types of animation in the screening useful as well. I really like stop-motion animation, particularly with puppets and found objects such as Jan Svankmajer's work.I love the mysterious movement and objects used and the fact that everyone watching it will interpret it in completely different ways. Svankmajer's pieces are what inspired the Brothers Quay for much of their work which I studied previously at college. I tried to listen to explanations of The Brothers Quay's animations once..but I just got completely lost in what they were saying and was more confused about the animtion then just sticking to my own explanation of it! oh well!

above: svankmajer
below: brothers quay

Watching such a variety of animation just made me want to do it all! I can't decide on one I like best! I love the totally finished and perfected style of the 3D animated work, but I can't resist the more rough sketchy look of 2D hand drawn stuff, and I want to do more stop-motion work having done a little bit already. argh! there's so much I want to try!

Anyway! I think the crit we had today worked really well! It gave us a good look at what everyone was doing and how to analyse pieces of work. Also definately helped to explain ways of looking at my own work and things to check and look for when testing work for example the timing and arcs of movement in jumps and HOW to change work to improve it.
.... and i won a bag! woo! :) go no. 17!

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