Wednesday, 22 October 2008

jumping cubey man...overlap!

..the idea of this one is to show the overlap at the end of a movement to make it seem more realistic and natural. I think that I did manage to do this but it perhaps could have been exaggerated even more. There are also other little bits that dont look quite right when you watch it over and over. One part I noticed was when the character takes off the arms almost look like they go up backwards rather then moving back past the body and into the air. I think this could be solved by adding one more frame into the beginning where the arms are positioned passing the body.
Other then these tweaks I was quite happy with the way my jumping cube character worked.

now for the 3D strechy squashy ball... :S...

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Andy Wyatt said...

This blog is coming along really well. Asking yourself why things sometimes work and sometimes don't is an excellent way to learn. You have grasped the principles of stretch and squash well, and look forward to seeing if you can apply those principles in 3d!