Wednesday, 8 October 2008

..and so it begins...

It's been a matter of days and already I feel I have increased my knowledge of the animation process. When the concept of representation was explained and discussed between the group I realised I was already seeing a whole new level or view of animation. Predominantly this came from understanding that moving images, any images for that matter, seen on screen can be broken down very simply into their basic components, and it is our own concepts, experiences and understanding of what the images represent that make the image meaningful to us.

Learning Maya is perhaps what I am most anxious about. With little experience of CGI or 3D computer animation I find it quite daunting. Having read some explainations and watched the 'help' key learning videos I felt I had a very basic understanding of what you could do with the program. Having now had it explained in person and taught directly to me I am more confident about using it (perhaps only for making polygons move around the screen) but at least I'm brave enough now to play around with ideas and click buttons to find what I can do without being daunted by the complex look of the program.

I love the idea that (as animators!or soon to be...) we are creating illusions on screen, tricking the mind into thinking it's seeing flowing movement. Even with a simple concept of a stick man jumping or a circle morphing into something else, when I see my work come to life I just want to do more!

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