Monday, 13 October 2008

back to the history..

Discussing the issues of racism, age and gender stereotyping really helped to put what I have read and watched into perspective. Previous to the lessons I had never thought of characters such as Brare Rabbit/Fox/Bear as stereotyped black characters, however now it seems very clear and distinct characteristics can be seen and compared cosely to characters from 'Coonskin' and live action films. It's interesting to think about why stereotypes exist, linking this to the idea of conceptual development and how the media/news/film build up ideas and effect the way you think about certain groups or particular types of people. However I agree with what was said today about the way humans catagorize things naturally to make sense of everything, perhaps making it easy to put a message across, giving characters an identity, however at the same time perhaps giving a very one sided view of a race/culture/gender. I think this is key for animation to qucikly and easily put a message/story across, however I suppose you have to be careful of the way it's used...

I found today there was a lot of info to take in about film form and genre. It was good to hear about the various types and what they are based on and how film form developed over time, however I felt a bit lost towards the end. I think I will read up on this topic to get my head around it a bit more, as well as watch some of the examples to clearly see the differences between some of the genres.

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