Friday, 11 February 2011


So..this week I have got a few of the bigger scenes finished, and a couple of the smaller scenes done. Leki has been colouring in one of the longer scenes, Chloe has just finished colouring one of the shorter ones which is looking really good now :) and Alberto has been animating the Celt character to start off the animation.
Below is a cleaned up scene that I have been working on the past day or so..all that's missing from this one now is the bomber plane to fly over the little boys head, and the very rough line test below it is the nest scene...also missing the bomber plane in the background...but the character animation is getting there.

I will hopefully complete this scene on Monday and move onto some others. I'm keen to get some of the smaller linking scenes done so that the animatic starts flowing a little more, and some of the beginning scenes as none of them are done yet. However I feel its more important for me to go on to do some of the longer end scenes as this is what really brings the animation together, and I recon some of the shorter ones could be done by the 2nd years or anyone who fancies chipping in nearer the end of production if needs be.

Anyway, I quickly updated the animatic again today...there seems to be a long gap of black screen at one point..but nothing is missed out and there is now quite a long stretch of cleaned up animation.

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