Monday, 25 January 2010

pre-production project

For this term I have decided to do the pre-production project and really try and focus on it as this is part of the course I think I'm really going to enjoy and an area I would love to work in in the future.

When I first heard the project was based on Dr Who I will admit I was a little put off...I'm definitely not a fan, however now we've had a few lessons on it and talked more about the brief I'm really excited to focus on the time travelling aspect of the project. The idea of going back in time and researching different time periods and places in history could be really interesting, and designing them in such a way that the audience will automatically know or have an idea as to where they may be is a great thing to learn. It's obviously really important that the audience can pick up on such things and can feel and understand the environment, characters and situation by the backgrounds, sets and costumes.

It was good to look at examples of how this is used in animation and seeing programmes like Mr.Benn and how the different places he goes to are shown and made clear to children watching. Similarly 'Father Christmas' and how each holiday destination he goes to is obvious, and would be to the audience even if they couldn't understand the dialogue.

For the beginning research part of the project we are in groups and between us we have each got an area of each script to research and think about. So far I have found it really interesting looking into various aspects of each situation, interiors, exteriors, props and costumes.

I started by looking for books which may have photos or artwork of the eras and places I was looking for. I managed to find quite a few for London and Pompeii which is really good and I found some really nice artwork. However I would like to develop this further and get a bit more into the designs and concept art for the specific area of the scripts I've been given over the next week.

These images along with some of my own art work and ideas I will make into sketchbook research pages as a start of the project and to develop further when I choose the script I want to use for my final designs a little later in the project.

(images to come - my Internet is too rubbish to load photos...)

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