Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Back to it!

Well doesn't Christmas seem like a distant memory now! Getting back a week late feels very much like I'm being bombarded with work now compared to the first term...seems to be a huge difference in the workload, keeping us busy!
I think timing is the key to getting everything done, so I think I'll try and be as organised as poss :S!
I think our After Effects went pretty well today..I was very impressed with our group and the way we got everything done (well done us and esp Jackson for keepin us all together and going!)and I think the outcome was pretty sucessful. Being away the first week I missed the intro to the project so wasn't too sure what I was meant to be doing. I watched through the tutorials, which gave me an idea of how to use After Effects but I would definately like to use it more and spend longer working things out and playing around with ideas to get to grips with it better.
Essay...not looking forward to this much if I'm honest. I have started to write down a few ideas of what I can include, an argument and tried to find some notes etc. I'm hoping to get it done bit by bit over the weeks so that it isn't one big rush to finish nearer the hand in date!
Background layout designs..I'm so looking forward to drawing out loads of ideas for designs..think I'm very much going to enjoy this..Have got a few ideas together, and should be nice to work in colour soon!
Not quite as hopeful about creating the interior in Maya however. I'm always very sceptical when in comes to 3D because I'm never sure about what I'm doing or especially that I've remembered to do everything! but I'll give it a go, try and create something good...and if not keep practising!

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